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The storm.

This little cutie and I took the camera and tripod outside in an attempt to capture lightening from a storm brewing. We goofed around a bit outside waiting and waiting. Even got a little skeert when we thought we might soon be struck by lightening! We did try to capture some lightening, but as you know, if you've ever tried to capture's not easy. The winds picked up and rain was dropping big drops of rain. Our time outside with the camera was drawing to a close and at the last minute we made it a quick mommy/daughter shoot. I set the timer and while I didn't exactly have the settings right on my camera...this is one of my favorite pictures of the two of us. It's real, it's happy, it's us. Even better, she likes it too. It's rare that we both like the same picture that we're both in. Too critical I's part of our charm. :) As the days pass and we both grow a year older each year, It turned out to be a day and moment that will forever and ever be a part of us. I am thankful.

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