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Bri turns 3!

Good golly, this little gal is gorgeous! ...and we can see where she gets her good looks from (MOM)! Let me say that I had the greatest time with this session. This was the first time I worked with Julie and Brianna, and I enjoyed every minute of it. (Julie's got my vote in convincing her hubby that family photos are a must.)

I treasure my gift in providing families with picture memories. What I see through my lens, and ultimately in client printed photographs that are placed on desks, hung on walls, used as screen savers on phones and computers, and posted as profile pictures on social media...these are memories that last F-O-R-E-V-E-R. We can never get today back and every picture tells a story.

Thank you Julie for inviting me to photograph Brianna. I hope you both enjoyed the session as much as I did. (...and a shout out to my bff Monica who referred Julie to me! xo) I love what I do and I am truly thankful for the wonderful people I am privileged to meet!

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