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Hello Ladies!!


I'm very excited to announce that I will be hosting a fun day of Boudoir Mini Sessions just in time for Valentine’s Day! 

Boudoir is an amazing type of photo shoot because it makes women feel amazing and boosts your self esteem. Tastefully intimate images to show off your inner vixen. Most women think Boudoir Sessions are done for their men, but afterwards they love the photos so much, they realize it’s really done for them! 

Let me just take a quick second to say that
EVERY woman should enjoy a boudoir session at some time in her life. It’s not about size or even an expensive piece of lingerie. While this would be a great reason to shop and splurge on yourself, boudoir imagery can be absolutely amazing with what you look like right this second wearing something you already have in your closet or dresser. I’ve seen it time and time again –it’s about confidence and feeling good about yourself.

And, trust me, you won’t believe how incredible you really look. But don’t take it from me. Here is a review from a past client:

“I never thought a simple photo shoot could bring me to tears! Melissa took gorgeous photos and it made my confidence shoot through the roof! Not only do I love the photos but I love the me inside them!"  

This is the perfect opportunity to get us girls together, drink champagne and have fun!



Boudoir pre-session tips:

•  Beauty Makeovers: Getting nails, hair, and makeup done are a great idea. But trying a new facial peel or hair removal technique just before your session is not advisable. Also, trying to get that “tan” just a few days before your session can cause problems, not to mention tan lines. Stay away from anything that might adversely affect the look of your skin.

•  Get rest, drink water: Everyone looks better after getting the proper rest the night before. Water helps add life to your complexion.

•  Come to your session sober: You’ll want to feel relaxed and confident for your session. However, being the star of your own photo shoot takes a fair amount of concentration and effort. The photos just won’t look right if you’re not totally coherent and not able to take direction properly.

•  Don’t wear tight or binding clothing before your session: These can leave marks and lines on your skin that takes time to go away. If one of your outfits is a bustier or corset we can do these last.

•  Give yourself plenty of time to get there: When you don’t feel rushed, you don’t feel stressed. So, have everything ready to go well in advance, including having your hair and makeup completed. Then you’ll have the luxury of taking your time, with no worries.

•  Makeup: For boudoir, a more dramatic look tends to work best. A professional makeup artist can advise you on getting just the look you want for your pictures. Bring a makeup kit and hair products along with you for touch ups, just in case.

• Hair: Again, I recommend styling that goes a little beyond your everyday look. Volume and style for sultry and/or playful looks.

•  Other tips: Feel free to bring a number of different outfits. (Mini Sessions only allow for 1 outfit and the Upgraded Mini allows for 2 outfits.)  Also feel free to bring any props (candles, photos in frames, vases, flowers, necklaces, pillows, blankets, etc) that you want to make the photos uniquely yours. 
•  Wear clear deodorant. Also, stubble can really ruin a “smooth” look, so prepare accordingly.

• Look over some pictures that appeal to you (online, magazines, etc.) and spend some time in front of a mirror practicing a few poses and facial expressions that you might want to try.


It's All About YOU!


Boudoir is hands down the best gift and experience for both the gift giver and the gift receiver.  You get to enjoy a day of pampering, self-love and ultimate supermodelness (look it up it's a word), while he get's to reap the benefits of this amazing day (in an album designed - if you choose) with him in mind.  Boudoir is a powerful and transformative experience that unlocks parts of your sexual expression and sensuality that is buried by the day-to-day of motherhood, your job, and just plain life.  Valentine's Day is about love, right?  LOVE yourself this holiday and accept that you will never be younger than you are today, there is infinite beauty in your laugh lines and stretch marks, and give yourself permission to give and receive a gift that is ALL ABOUT YOU!  

DISCLAIMER: • I Require Age Verification: Please bring a valid photo ID (Driver’s License). Note that taking revealing pictures of underage women can lead to problems for the photographer, so I take no chances here. No ID= No pictures. And no exceptions.

Excluding Specially Advertised Mini-Sessions, MMP Boudoir Photography sessions begin at $495.  Prints, albums, DVDs and other fine art products are also available a-la-carte.   Most clients invest around $1,200-2,500 in their boudoir experience.  

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