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Hi!  I'm Melissa, a/k/a Missy, and here I am pictured with my little muscle man, Charlie Brown.  I rescued him four (4) years ago on Christmas Eve (hence the name Charlie Brown). He is such a joy AND a little stinker -as he's looking away from the camera- (part of his charm I suppose).  


My biggest fan is a little girl who calls me Mommy, who just happens to be Sophomore in College this year.  Ahhhh, where did the time go?  She is the love of my life and her name is Drew.  


A Bit of History:  In 1994, I moved away from my hometown for a job offer from a friend, managing a portrait studio.  I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going to live but I said YES anyway!  It was a challenge and a learning curve I am grateful to have taken on and offered. That portrait studio experience gave me quite an edge in photography.  I didn't know it back then, the struggle was certainly real, but as I look back, it was so worth it!  I will have to blog about those portrait studio days...boy oh boy do I have stories. 


After corporate headquarters decided they were closing the studio, I had to come up with another plan, and since I had just found out I was pregnant, it had to be a good plan!  What did I do? I headed straight to a college admission's office. It took a few years, quite a few tears, and there were many sleepless nights, but I earned myself a degree in Business Law.


Around the time Drew was old enough to go with me on shoots, I picked up the camera again.  It gave us something extra fun to do together. (I wish I had never put the camera down in the first place, but happens.) Fast forward to today, she has become a great assistant and an excellent second shooter for MelissaMehaffey Photography.  I couldn't be more proud.  

Some Fun Facts About Me: I love extra cheese and pepperoni pizza...the greasier the better!  I study Astrology. Beach or mountains...I choose both.  I believe in God.  My bff and I do tarot reading gigs. (Card parties are so much fun, ask me about it if you're interested!) I'm a D.I.Y. kind of gal. Youtube tutorials are my kryptonite! I'm what you might call a mixed bag of tricks.  

Thank you for stopping by!  If you'd like to discuss a photo shoot, go to my Contact page and drop me a line.  I look forward to potentionally working with you!   ~Melissa


Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like Somebody 

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